Self Storage

Storage facilities are in high demand, especially in large cities with a limited amount of space. People book storage to house items that they can’t keep in their home or commercial property, or when they need additional security.

The lack of space and desire for better security makes self storage facilities a very profitable venture. But the facility should be constructed well based on local regulations and customer requirements. At TCD, we have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who will make sure your self storage facility is well-designed and durable.

What is Self Storage?

Self storage, or self-storage facilities, provides people who don’t have enough room or a safe space to store their possessions on their own property. Clients have full access to a storage unit so they can use it whenever needed and change its contents any time they want. Most clients rent self storage units when downsizing, in need of temporary storage solutions, or because they need space to store business inventory.

This is a lucrative business because there’s high demand for self storage units, especially in Las Vegas. However, it’s important to ensure they’re constructed well and in the right location. You want your facility to be secure, durable, and easy to maintain over a long-term. We understand these requirements and know how to create workable designs for our clients.

Is Your Property Suitable?

As an experienced general contractor, we understand that location is critical when it comes to building a self storage facility. Our experts will examine your property carefully, considering its location, nearby roadways, accessibility, zoning laws, etc, to determine if the spot is suitable. This consultation can help you make a sound and informed decision regarding the project. Our recommendations are always unbiased and straightforward so if we think the location is unsuitable for self storage units, we’ll let you know based on our experience.

We will also access the market, looking at occupancy rates, land acquisition costs, related insurance costs, etc, to understand long-term gains from these facilities. All of this information can help you make good decisions for the project, minimizing risks by a considerable margin.

Accessing the Land for Construction

After determining if the location is suitable for a self storage facility, our experts look at your land. They consider grade lines, size, potential obstacles, topography, and other such factors that might influence the design of the facility. Our experts will provide a detailed report on your land’s suitability along with an estimated cost of developing the facility.

Design and Planning

Once we have all information regarding this process, we proceed with the design and planning aspect of our project. We have built multiple storage facilities and self storage buildings and understand how they work. Our experienced designers will create custom spaces based on your requirements so you can incorporate self storage facilities of different shapes and sizes.

Our goal is to build sustainable and cost-effective spaces that aren’t difficult to maintain, so efficiency in the foundation of our designs. After you approve of the design, we create a plan and provide a project timeline. Our experienced project managers ensure everything goes according to plan, staying on schedule.


Construction begins as soon as the design is approved or land is available. Our team will clean the site, excavate land, level it, pour concrete substrate, then build the units after the concrete is cured. They will also install lighting, security systems, fences, doors, windows (if needed), construct office space, and other such vital installations. We always use good quality materials to ensure the property can withstand weather conditions while lasting for decades with little wear.

After the construction is complete, our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of the facility to ensure we have missed nothing. They’ll check for flaws, weaknesses, security lapses, etc, and fix all problems they find before considering their job done. This ensures you don’t have to worry about problems cropping up immediately after construction.

Aside from general construction, we also provide land consultation, zoning, design and building services. We have affiliations with many well-established professionals in related industries so you have a reliable team of experts working on your project.

If you want to know more about the design and construction of a self storage facility, give us at TCD a call (702) 646-4442 or contact us through our online form.