Restaurant Building & Remodeling

The food and hospitality industry is highly competitive, many establishments struggle to maintain customer interest or bring in more traffic. This can be especially difficult if the design of your restaurant is outdated, which is why we recommend restaurant remodeling. Adding more space, new design elements, branding, etc, can renew customer interest and bring more people to your establishment. At TCD, we have handled multiple restaurant builds and remodeling projects in the past so our team understands this process well.

Factors we Consider During the Restaurant Remodeling Process

As an experienced contractor, we know what architectural and design elements contribute towards a restaurant’s success. Our goal is to ensure clients get a good return on their investment so we consider the aspects mentioned below:

  1. Customer Goals

Restaurant owners invest in building and remodeling because they have goals to accomplish. Our designers always take these goals into account and determine what is needed to reach them. Experts will help you prioritize your goals based on budget, the current state of business, competition, etc. They will recommend design changes or additions that will have a significant impact on your business.

  1. Plans for Upgrading

We explore the current design and structural elements carefully to understand what requires improvement and what can remain unchanged. Our team will highlight aspects of your old design that need to be upgraded before explaining their reasons. This helps clients make good choices for their business. Our reports are straightforward and unbiased, based on the potential value of every upgrade, If changes don’t improve your business, we won’t recommend them.

  1. Plan for Comfort

Restaurants need to offer a comfortable and welcoming environment to guests, and a safe one to employees. We always take this into consideration during the design process, carefully planning guest and employee areas for maximum comfort. Employees working in a comfortable environment are more productive and cheerful. This can benefit your business because restaurant environments can be very stressful, especially during service time.

  1. Improving the Kitchen

The kitchen is a restaurant’s heart and soul; it’s important to redesign in carefully. We make sure all counters, appliances, storage systems, ventilation, and other important elements are considered during the design process. Upgrading appliances help make your kitchen more efficient, which is a worthwhile expense. Appliances have a limited lifespan, especially in high-stress environments like commercial kitchens. Modern fixtures are also more energy-efficient so they’ll consume less gas or electricity, which has an impact on overall costs. Our designer will put together a good floor plan that ensures smooth movement flow in this space. Poor floor plans can cause accidents in the kitchen and place your employees at risk.

  1. Theme and Décor

A restaurant’s theme and décor is an important part of its ambiance. The design should fit in with your brand, type of cuisine, and type of restaurant. For example, if you’re a Japanese fine-dining restaurant, the décor must reflect. We will consider these factors and ensure your establishment has a consistent theme.

Our Process

  • Experts consult with clients, discussing their requirements, budget, goals, and related factors.
  • They provide a quote with cost estimates, recommendations, and design sketches.
  • Once this is approved, our team will source all materials and tools needed to complete the project.
  • Experienced project managers will keep an eye on the process and ensure everything is on schedule.

We will also focus on safety and make sure remodeling improves safety standards for your property. Our team will use fire-resistant materials, install easily-accessible exits, and make sure the restaurant is safe to use. Some clients also request better security systems for their establishment.

Our experts are familiar with this technology so they can offer good advice. Our team is well-trained, certified, and efficient; they’ll double check every aspect of your remodeled space so there are no flaws before considering the job complete. We also have good relationships with other professionals in this field so if there’s some aspect of this project our experts can’t handle, we’ll bring in reliable third-party contractors. They will adhere to our quality standards we do so you don’t need to worry about problems. If you want to learn more about our restaurant building and remodeling projects, give us at TCD a call (702) 646-4442 or contact us through our online form.